Retrofit and Renovation

Is your home or business being renovated and the sprinkler system needs to be updated? Call Chevalier Fire Protection today! We can retrofit the system to make it safer and more efficient.

We understand how important your safety is and we know how damaging and devastating fire can be. Don’t take chances with your health, your safety or your home – call 802-527-0347 today!

Other fire protection services we offer

In addition to retrofitting and renovations, the professionals at Chevalier Fire Protection also offer sprinkler system services. Call 802-527-0347 today or visit our office at 20 Beauregard Dr in St. Albans to find out how we can help you promote fire safety in your home or business.

How does retrofit work?

When we update sprinkler systems in established buildings (or retrofit them) sometimes the pipes have to be exposed. In new constructions, the pipes for the sprinkler system can be concealed. Updating sprinklers helps promote fire safety and is an important component to any building.

Fire protection is important

  • Promotes safety and welfare
  • Gives peace of mind
  • Can save lives
  • Can preserve your possessions
  • Can assist with insurance compliancy

We provide free estimates for inspections, Repairs & Installations

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